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cold to the touch
but she's warm as a devil

so by request here is my attempt on some harry potter themed gradients. these should work with most scenes and come with a base psd. please do not take credit for either and if using in somehting rebloggable please give us credit! ~ download

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20 nature inspired textures made from my own photos. Dowload here

This is my first time making this kind of texture, so I hope they’re useful.
Please like or reblog if you dl them <3

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i promise these look better on graphics, ok. but anyways, i was inspired by lucy’s new single and the new video so i made these gradients! please like/reblog if you download!!! (x)


19. bang bang

  • long sidebar
  • 400px posts
  • 64 x 64 sidebar image
  • 4 custom links
  • hidden info (appears on post hover)

static | code

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Dullhypotheses’ Guide to Rehab (Part 1, probably)
A few months back, I was admitted into a rehabilitation center because my depression hit its lowest point. Now, however, I am feeling much better and though to share my experience with the rest of you, whether it be to include in your writing, in the background of your character, or just for your own personal use.

Disclaimer though: Not all rehabs works the same way. Different rehabilitation centers have different styles — some more lax, and others more strict. The type of rehab I was in is not the only type of rehab there is, but it is one type.

There’s probably going to be a part two, since I finished this and thought there should be some more, but for now, I guess this is it! Hope this helps!

If you have any further questions about life in rehab, feel free to send me an ask!

Under the cut, you will find sections about:

i. Basic Overview
ii. Confidentiality and Anonymity
iii. Staff: Nurses and Houseparents, the Program Coordinator, Case Managers
iv. Safety of Belongings and of the Students
v. Medicine and Food
vi. Daily Schedule
vii. Group Therapy Sessions and Activities
viii. Behavioral Modifications and Privileges
ix. The Students
x. The Stigma that comes with Rehab

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So, here it is. After redoing my blog and remaking the structure that I’ve been going for, I’ve finally came back with a returning theme. I’m pretty excited for a fresh new start and hopefully some new and interesting looks. I don’t want to keep this going too long since I know it can be hard to read everything so I’ll be brief. 

The title of theme is called “Blossom.” It is based of one of the characters from The Powerpuff Girls. I plan on making this a theme package. So, expect two more to come!


Like before, the same rules applied to my old themes.

  • You may not redistribute this theme as your own. Nor can you use my theme as a base code.
  • You cannot remove any of the credits that I have placed on this place. If you do, a simple drop to my ask about placing it someplace else is acceptable. 
  • Feel free to edit this theme to your liking though I’m hoping there won’t be too much editing at all. 
  • If you need any help, don’t hesitate to send me a message for that. 


  • In this theme you will find a background picture in your options as well as color option for the backbar (bbar). 
  • Adding a “bbar” photo automatically covers any background such as the entries, sidebar, images, and such related things. There is no required dimensions for the “bbar” photos though I ask you do keep it a reasonably small size. 
  • The dimensions for “image” is 245 x 643
  • The dimensions for images “2 & 3” are 175 x 140
  • There are nine links - seven of them are customizable. 

Direct link to preview here ; Direct link to pastebin here


                FINCHELTANARPS’ THEME 016:
            — PRECIOUS HEART.

We could live for a thousand years but if i hurt you, I’d make wine from your tears.

Backstreet’s back, alright! And yes, I am referring to myself as a Backstreet boy. It’s purely for the sake of this description, I swear. I’ve actually gone about on a bit of a change with my themes for this pack, so hopefully; you all will still enjoy them as much as the others. Back to basics, now. Even though it is not my first theme, I still highly suspect something could possibly be wrong with the coding, or perhaps you want to change the colour of the links, but no matter: whatever the query, call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. I’d be more than happy to help you out, and do my utmost best to fix the problem at hand.


This theme is not difficult to edit, and change up but if you are experienced in HTML, you can still change it up to your style if you wish, and are able to. This theme in particular is a simple style you can use for if you are roleplaying a character, or even for your own roleplaying blog. Again; I can help with anything if you ask beforehand, whether it be to do with the links to the backbar. If you are to edit this theme, please keep the credit in the lower right hand corner in tact, and like and reblog if you are going to use this, or simply want to have it as a resource for others.

  • This theme was created with this base code, but I did draw some inspiration from the themes here, as well. I worked very hard on this, so please do not steal this theme, and take it as your own. You can however edit this to your liking, but the credit must always stay in place. Simple, right?
  • The title is called ‘Precious Heart’; which is a piece of lyric from one of my favourite songs at the moment actually, “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. I will be making a theme package in accordance with five 80’s songs that are rockin’ my world right now. This is the first of this package. My previous themes can be found here.


  • Two main sidebar images, with the dimensions of 144 x 342, and 37 x 100.
  • A backbar behind the sidebar. The preferred dimension is 520 x 520, with a 200% zoom attached via the Patterncooler website.
  • There are four customizable links above the description. Feel free to decrease the size of the links to fit a larger number.
  • There are two transparent titles to the right of the sidebar which can be written in the customize page. One small sentence should suffice, so try not to make it too long. It’ll look funny otherwise. If you want to see the titles quite clearly, it is best to use a simple patterned background or a solid colour.
  • It may not look like much once you upload it to Tumblr, but once you had pictures and background images, I’m sure it’ll look fantastic. I have added the colours on my original live preview of my first theme, but feel free to change it to your suiting.
  • Audio posts are required to have a caption with each reblog otherwise the post looks strange and messy.
  • There is a description (sidebar) which can be reduced, or increased in size. It also comes with a hover, so if you are to drag your mouse over the picture, you will be able to see it.
  • The pagination is located below the text in said description.



annnnd here we have a theme pack for me finally getting to 300 followers. i’m so thankful for this. i know it’s not a lot for most, but it makes me really happy whenever i even gain one simple follower. most of you have put up with my hiatus’ and my bitching. you’ve been here with me through my fangirling and when i become obsessed with new things. it makes me extremely happy that i’ve made (and lost, if i’m being honest) so many incredible friends because of this blog. and instead of me attempting to make another follow forever, i’m trying to repay all of you by doing the only thing i know: making themes. my rules haven’t changed, but i’ll put them here just in case! the specifics for each theme are below as well.

♛ No stealing any parts of this coding and using it in your own
♛ Do not use this as a base code for your own theme
♛ Feel free to edit as much as you’d like for personal use
♛ Do not take my credit off or move it somewhere else
♛ Let me know if you have any questions about this theme

each theme comes with two options for the sidebar/entry backgrounds. you can either have them with a background (sidebar BG image upload) or a color (sidebar BG color option). if you’d prefer to use a complete background then use the color option. if you aren’t using patterncooler or a seamless background, i highly suggest using the color option as well. as per usual, make sure to ask if you have any questions. i check my inbox several times a day, and reply privately to anything sent off anon. thank you for the 300 followers!!! it really means a lot. :-)

★ shadow and a dancer ;; [ live preview & pastebin ] ★

theme #20 by wonderlandsrps

sidebar dimensions: 200 in width & 500 in height.
link information: three customizable links. they’re long!

★ break your plans ;; [ live preview & pastebin ] ★

theme #21 by wonderlandsrps

sidebar dimensions: idth & 200 in height.
link information: stomizable links. they’re short!

★ wherever this goes ;; [ live preview & pastebin ] ★

theme #22 by wonderlandsrps

sidebar dimensions: 400 in width & 200 in height.
link information: three customizable links. they’re short/large text!

★ love don’t die ;; [ live preview & pastebin ] ★

theme #23 by wonderlandsrps

sidebar dimensions: 200 in width & 500 in height.
link information: three customizable links. they’re long!